Maritime Faculty


The Maritime Faculty at Piri Reis University is a specialized institution where deck and engineering department officers of the merchant navy are educated and trained.

In the Deck Department, deck officers are trained in a program leading to the degree •Bachelor of Science in Maritime Transportation and Management”, whereas the Marine Engineering Department trains engineering officers leading to the degree “Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering Operations”.

Degrees and certificates issued by the Piri Reis University’s Maritime Faculty are fully compliant with the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW standards) set by the International Maritime Organization IMO).

The faculty is both monitored by the Undersecratariat of Maritime Affairs of the Turkish Government and the Board of Higher Education of Turkey. The program also incorporates the seagoing training phase required by STCW, so the graduates are both awarded a Bachelor of Science degree and fulfill the educational requirements of STCW Deck and Engineering Officers, both at the operational and managerial level.

The operational level certified by a state-administered examination permits the graduate to reach the 2nd Officer (Third Engineer Officer) position after the required seagoing service, the students can take further examinations to reach the positions at management level (First Mate and Master for the deck department and Second and Chief Engineer Officer for the engineering department).

Besides the seagoing jobs, experienced graduates are highly desired as the administrative personnel of shipping and marine-related companies, while marine engineers can also find attractive jobs in shipbuilding, power generation and tourism industries.


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