Green Campus

Worldwide shipping education gives maximum importance to topics such as environmental and marine pollution in accordance with international rules such as MARPOL and SOLAS. These rules are taught theoretically at our Marine faculties at this level. Piri Reis University started to provide this education by opening Turkey’s first environment friendly, internationally- accredited “Green Campus” Project in 2013.

The main features of the Green Campus are:

– The construction of a system which reuses natural resources.
– To benefit from solar energy.
– To provide optimum lighting by using solar and electric batteries.
– To design the environmental regulations in such a way that the use of water would be minimized.
– To use very special reversible items during the construction.
– To use tri-generation power station as a way of innovation.
– Heating with a diesel generation waste heat that will minimize natural gas/air pollution which will be provided by tri-generation system.
– Providing absorption refrigeration.
– The use of dirty water after refinement at the campus with high efficiency in providing energy by heating/cooling with water sourced heat pump.

At this campus where carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxide emissions are kept to a minimum design, although the first investment cost will increase by 10- 15% in 3-4 years, a layout which will meet the investment will be set up.

Piri Reis University Green Campus entered service in Tuzla, on the coast of the Marmara Sea, in a 30 acres of land with an approximately 60.000 m2 indoor training volume in November 2013.

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