Faculty of Law

Pîrî Reis University Faculty of Law, with its academic staff consisting of top-level scholars who have proved their scholarly excellence both within Turkey and abroad, has set as its objective to offer our students law education at the highest standards, on all the branches of public law and private law.

            Moreover, as the first and only Maritime University in Turkey, our principal target will be to give particular emphasize on “Maritime Law” alongside the fundamental legal education.

            Target into regard the great significance and interest the “Sea” bears for Turkey and also taking advantage of the expertise and proficiency of the high-level academics of Turkey among its faculty, we took it as one of our primary goals to give prominence to “National and International Sea Law” and educate and train specialist lawyers in all branches of Maritime Law.

            We are aspiring to have graduates as lawyers who will be able to occupy responsible positions in national and international platforms, capable to think and approach problems responsibly, analytically, and creatively with solid social background and are conscious towards environment.

            Pîrî Reis University Faculty of Law is a member of ELFA – European Law Faculties Association and ELI - European Law Institute.

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