Coordination Office, Education-Training Planning

As of July 2018, the ‘EDUCATION AND TRAINING PLANNING COORDINATION’ Office has been established within the Rectorate of Piri Reis University to work under the Rectorate. The Main Fields of the Coordination Office Effective and efficient use of physical spaces (Classrooms, Laboratories, Training Pool, Workshop, Advanced Fire Training Center, Simulators, Training Ship, etc.) where lectures and trainings are held at our university Applications and studies aimed at determining and supplying the infrastructure deficiencies of these places, Determination of capacity and identification of new needs, Monitoring the creation of a draft program according to the Exam Layout, Coordination of services related to course/faculty member appointments by integrating into the Student Information System, Issues such as the creation and follow-up of draft programs related to the education of foreign students and exchange program students with foreign students, constitute the main titles of the Education and Training Planning Coordination Office. The work of its sub-councils and regulations are at the stage of completion.

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